Ski-Doo Ultimax Pro Drive Belts

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Ski Doo Ultimax Pro Drive Belts

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Ski Doo Belts

Ultimax Pro Belts by Timken

Ultimax PRO features a thicker cross section so more surface area contacts the clutch. This means less slippage over a broader speed range for quicker acceleration. The new cog design dissipates heat and aids flexibility. A cooler running belt delivers enhanced performance and longer belt life.

One Year Warranty. Proudly made in the U.S.A.


  • Designed for modern mid-power snowmobiles
  • Top and bottom cog give greater cord support – meaning greater power capability – without sacrificing flexibility
  • Ultimax PRO runs cooler to better handle the power demands of today’s machines
  • Fifth generation belt with decades of refinement and steady improvements

Materials and Manufacturing:

  • Fiber-loaded rubber designed to grip the clutches and to stay that way over the life of the belt
  • Strong and stable aramid cord for zero stretch and maximum tensile strength
  • Built with modern methods to reduce variability and eliminate “classic” failure modes


  • Every Ultimax PRO belt is manufactured using new processes that reduce dimensional variation so every belt performs consistently
  • Dimensions match OE in cord length and width, meaning your sled will shift like new
  • Dimensions are held to tighter tolerances than OE belts

Decades of advancement and experience are built into every Ultimax belt. Ultimax PRO is designed with high-strength materials to handle every riding style from ditch-banging, to deep powder to trail riding. Over a million miles a year of documented field testing ensure that Ultimax belts stay ahead of the pack in value and performance.

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